i have a tendency to ruminate and think about shit wayyy too much and often times i want a place to dump all my thoughts without spamming my friends' messages or being completely alone in a notepad file, so instead of throwing myself to the wolves of social media, i put my personal thoughts here instead. there's catharsis in making my thoughts public. not that all of my journals will be negative or anything!

you may notice my writing style change in different entries. this is due to alter switching in which alters may or may not self-identify, which is totally up to them.

i do not have a commenting system implemented here for comfort reasons. if you have something you'd like to say about what's written here, you can use the main site's guestbook and mention what entry you're referring to in your comment!

i am autistic and have DID and i may talk about those things, but please don't take what i say as medical advice!! i don't mind if you find my personal account of things helpful or interesting but i am NOT a doctor and shouldn't be treated like one. i encourage you to research these conditions through scientific materials if you want to genuinely learn about them.